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Teaching Fellows

Teaching Fellow Residency

Breakthrough’s success rests on our unique “students-teaching-students” model. Ambitious and service-minded undergraduate students from all over the country serve as teachers to our middle school students during our summer program.

What do Teaching Fellows do?

Teaching Fellows have the primary contact with Breakthrough students over the summer and are therefore pivotal in our students’ summer experience. We recruit the most talented and dedicated college students to come to Birmingham and serve our community. In order to create a meaningful summer experience, our Teaching Fellows are coached by veteran educators, trained and oriented in both culture building and instructional techniques prior to teaching, and given continuous reflection opportunities and ongoing feedback in order to improve leadership and teaching skills.

Who do we look for?

In order to provide the high-quality summer learning that our children deserve, Breakthrough Birmingham’s Teaching Fellow positions are highly selective and competitive. We are looking for talented college students who think creatively, demonstrate a willingness to learn and grow, believe that every child can learn at a high level, and persevere in the face of challenges.

What do Teaching Fellows gain?

Our undergraduate Teaching Fellows complete the residency as leaders who are better prepared to make a difference.They develop skills as pre-service teachers, role models, and leaders and become part of an effective team working to address the most pressing issues in education. Our fellows not only have the opportunity to make a lasting impact on middle school children, but also they gain hands-on leadership and educational training. Our fellows explore and work to address social issues and together learn what is means to be a community of diverse individuals working toward common goals.


Breakthrough is life changing. If you’re ready to be completely shaken up, stirred around and transformed this is the place to do it. It will challenge you on so many fronts, expand your mind & shape who you become. You will meet some of the coolest kids and have a hand in helping them reach their full potential. They’re going to rule the world one day – help them unlock what they were born to do.

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