Breakthrough Birmingham strives to reverse educational inequity by providing free, year-round, high quality, multi-year programs for middle and high school students. As a proud member of the Birmingham community, we constantly strive for equity and seek to create opportunities for our families.

Breakthrough Birmingham supports students from middle school through high school with intentional academic acceleration, social emotional skill building, and meaningful mentorship. We have worked with over 500 scholars since our start in 2013.

To date, BTB has recruited over 160 of the country’s most talented college undergraduates to teach and mentor middle/high school students each year. We are committed to strengthening the teacher pipeline by training the next generation of educational advocates and leaders.

Our instructional coaches are professional educators dedicated to closely training teaching fellows each summer. These veteran educators prepare future teachers while ensuring their continued growth their chosen field.

Did You Know...?

Breakthrough students are six times more likely to graduate from a four-year college or university than students from similar economic backgrounds.

“My Breakthrough moment took place when I realized I was a role model. It gave me a level of power and confidence I didn’t know I had.”

Gregory B., scholar



“The teachers are very encouraging. I’ve seen a change in my child during and after the program. He has more self-esteem, has developed social skills, and has made improvements with writing. He smiles more while discussing his future and did not want this program to end. I think every student should experience this program.”

Parent of BTB scholar



“Breakthrough challenges students daily not only in the curriculum, but socially and mentally as well. It also gives a great opportunity to future teachers, giving us an understanding of some of the lessons we can only learn from our own mistakes. Altogether, Breakthrough provides both students and teachers the opportunity to learn and grow.”

Alexis H., teaching fellow

74% of Breakthrough Birmingham students are enrolled in college, compared to 54% of Birmingham City School students.

100% of our Teaching Fellows are satisfied with their summer teaching experience.

Keep up with Breakthrough Birmingham!

Keep up with Breakthrough Birmingham!