Why is growth important to nurture when it comes to education equity in Birmingham?

One of our three key pillars at Breakthrough Birmingham is “growth.” Growth fuels the work we do, propelling us and our scholars forward. Our mission of reversing education inequity in Birmingham dedicates time and resources facilitating exposure and relationship building for every student we serve. Education equity is our goal for all students in Alabama. We aim to nurture their growth through a variety of experiences like cultural engagement, exposure to new ideas or activities through clubs, and nurturing social emotional wellness skills. 

So, how and why do we do this? 

Our school year program (SYP), seeks to combat educational inequity in several ways offering opportunities to assist and expose our scholars to new things. From tutoring to book club to rock climbing club, our scholars experience a wide range of activities to promote their social emotional wellness. 

(Pictured: BTB scholar, Reagan, providing a speech at BTB’s 10 year anniversary, demonstrating growth and confidence.)

These experiences are especially important developmentally for our students in the wake of the COVID19 pandemic; both teachers and students alike are combatting pressures due to our countries social and economic status

Let’s get a little bit more specific.

As our students progress throughout their primary and secondary school years, their experiences in and out of the classroom are what shape them and form their view of the world around them. We seek to bridge the gap and connect students with opportunities and experiences preparing them for personal and professional excellence. 

For example, a side of our SYP that we highlight is our “culture nights.” For a few nights throughout the semester, we host intentionally diverse and educational sessions where students can be exposed to foods and traditions foreign to their everyday lives. So many of our students and families love this event because it encourages their curiosity, extending their knowledge and appreciation for other cultures.

Fostering positive and significant cultural engagement is fundamental for student’s well-being and academic success. Our goal for our scholars growth is to see them progressing academically, holistically, which includes social and emotional wellness.

Are you curious about getting involved? 

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“Breakthrough Birmingham is a free, high-quality, multi-year program striving to reverse educational inequity. We partner with highly motivated middle and high school students in our communities. In the “students teaching students” model, our teaching fellows are coached by veteran educators to teach and mentor our scholars.”

Author: Isabella Cruz, Special Operations Associate


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