We’re honored to receive the Birmingham Business Journal’s “Most Impactful Project” award. This recognition humbles us and reminds us of the great need for education equity in Alabama. We are thrilled that our year-round programming allows more students to experience the impact of equitable opportunities.

Receiving the “Most Impactful Project” award encourages us to remember the extraordinary journeys and achievements of our scholars. In 2023, 76% of our students embarked on the journey to college—an accomplishment that speaks volumes about their resilience and determination. Furthermore, 84% of them persisted the following year, a tremendous achievement and testament to their endurance.

Our dedicated educators, mentors, staff, and supporters strengthen the impact behind the scenes. We want to thank you for all the hard work, time, and energy you have committed to education equity.

Thank you to the Birmingham Business Journal for highlighting our program. This award amplifies the importance of education equity in Birmingham. Reflecting on this milestone, we’re reminded of the privilege of serving our community. With gratitude, we commit to empowering students and creating pathways to post-secondary success for scholars in Birmingham and Talladega.

Together, we’ll persist in breaking down barriers for Birmingham’s students. Thank you for believing in our mission and joining us on this impactful journey.

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two women holding award for most impactful project for education equity in birmingham


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