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Summer Program

Cost: Free

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Our intenstive-week summer program begins in June for rising 7th, 8th, and 9th graders. Scholars are taught in small classroom sizes (average is 10 students per class) by teaching fellows (college students). We focus on relationship building (student-to-student, student-to-teacher, student-to-administrators), ownership of learning, and self-advocacy. Scholars participate in:

  • Academic skill building (reading, writing, math, science)
  • Electives (focused on art, investigation, coding, performing arts, etc.)
  • Advisory (small group mentorship)
  • Weekly field trips, including out of state college tours

During a traditional (in-person) summer program, scholars attend from 8am to 3pm, Mondays – Fridays.* We also provide:

  • Breakfast, lunch, and snack (free of charge)
  • Bus transportation to/from the program location


Our scholars are recruited from the recommendations of teachers, counselors, and school leaders as well as through word-of-mouth by our Breakthrough families. We seek highly motivated students who are curious about the world around them, enjoy being challenged, and who want to continue growing to be the best person/student they can be. The process to become a scholar is:

  • Apply (see the “Apply” button) with teacher/community recommendations
  • Family interviews with Breakthrough staff
  • Acceptance into the program
*NOTE: During Summer 2021, we ran a 5.5 week, 100% virtual program that was equally engaging. Over 100 students participated and attended with a 86% attendance average. Scholars gained over 4 months of growth in math and lost no reading skills, on average. 

“My scholar has developed lasting relationships with her mentors. They are able to reach her in a way that I may not. This program has given her tools she can apply to her academic career as well as her professional career. [She] has started to see the importance of time management and how organizing her tasks can affect her academic performance.”

Parent of 7th grade scholar

Summer 2020

a Da; (in. T or School Year & College Bound Programs

Cost: Free

School Year Programs (SYP) and College Bound (CB) programs take place for 8 weeks in Fall (starting in October) and 8 weeks in Spring (starting in February). SYP is geared towards 7th and 8th grade students while College Bound is geared towards high school students. Most programs are virtual to accomodate to scholar schedules and are also taught by teaching fellows (college students) or program partners. Just like in the summer, we continue to focus on relationships, self-motivation, and student advocacy. Scholars participate in:

  • Daily/Weekly (virutal):
    • Homework help or test prep (individual); available daily in 30 minute increments
    • Enrichment clubs (small group); available weekly for 1 hour
  • Monthly (in person):
    • Super Saturdays as whole groups where field trips are taken or workshops with program partners take place — all centered around a particular theme



“…What a positive impact the School Work Support session had on my daughter…[starting on Day One]. She brought a Math problem that she wasn’t quite following… She mentioned that in class with her Math teacher, she felt that if certain students were understanding the steps, then the teacher assumed that everyone else should. She added that she didn’t want to seem ‘dumb’ so she wouldn’t ask her teacher for help even when she didn’t fully understand. She would instead try and figure it out using examples from the internet or come to me [but] I don’t  always get the new age math right off. [After Support session] she came away not only understanding how to work the problems but also stated that she was glad that I signed her up. We are truly grateful for your organization!”

Parent of 8th grade scholar

SYP Fall 2020

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