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Our Scholars

Who Are Our Students?

Breakthrough Birmingham recruits middle-school students from all Birmingham City schools middle and K-8 schools, with 100% of students qualifying for free or reduced lunch, and many are the first generation in their families to go to college. Our scholars exhibit Breakthrough’s pillars of success, including persistence, curiosity, and a strong work ethic.

How Do We Select Our Scholars?

Breakthrough Birmingham’s program is advertised directly to students and their families with added assistance from returning students and their powerful word of mouth promotions to new families. We collaborate with district officials and principals as well as teachers, counselors, and parents to host recruitment sessions and outreach. Breakthrough’s student selection committee chooses participants through a rigorous application process; including an application that seeks to find highly motivated students. Students and families also participate in interviews to ensure they understand the multiyear commitment being made. Students who selected from this round are then accepted into the program as Breakthrough scholars.

“Breakthrough is where you make lifelong relationships that better yourself. It’s important to me because it has my attitude and the way I approach negative things in my life.”

-Braelyn G., 9th grader (Summer 2020)

“What I like about advisory, enrichment, and support time is [that I get] great help with things I didn’t even know I needed help with and I get to know my peers and teachers better.”


-Kolbe K., 8th grader (School Year 2020)

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