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There are many ways to support Breakthrough Birmingham. We invite you to donate financially or to donate your time.

Without Breakthrough and your support, students like ours only have an 11% chance of obtaining a post-secondary degree of any kind. Your support can help change that. You can help change the trajectory of a scholar’s life.  

A college degree is more than just a piece of paper. A college degree means more earning potential over the course of a lifetime. It means a more stable start to the next generation. It means a stronger family and neighborhood. It means impacting an entire region and economy. It means closing the exposure and opportunity gap. A college degree eliminates economic and social inequities.


Invest in a strong Birmingham: Our free, multi-year commitment to our scholars provides challenging yet meaningful programming for students. Each student’s tuition cost is approximately $2,000 per year. Our scholars never pay a dime. We raise money so that our year-round programming remains tuition-free. Annual operating costs include scholar supplies and books, transportation for field trips, teaching fellow stipends and housing, student/family services and workshops, staff salaries and professional development. By investing in our students, you are investing in a brighter future for them, their families, and Birmingham at large.   
Every dollar counts. All donations are tax deductible. 


Give your time: Breakthrough recognizes the critical role that volunteers and partnerships play in effecting change. Breakthrough knows that long-term success depends on the strength of partnerships. We work with our partners to connect, harness, and leverage the resources needed to successfully launch and sustain impactful programs. Breakthrough has developed a wide range of opportunities to meaningfully engage volunteers in our work. These range from one-time events to ongoing assignments.

NOTE: We are currently running virtual programming for 2020-2021. All volunteer opportunities will be virtual until further notice.

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Support our scholars’ reading endeavors: We are working to grow our collection of culturally relevant, contemporary texts, and, of course, grow our scholars’ love of reading. Research and experience shows us that reading connects scholars to the world and even more so if they see themselves reflected in what they are reading. One easy way to support students in reaching their goals is to help build their libraries at home. 

Never underestimate the power of a well-rounded library to open the doors to worlds not yet traveled.

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